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A Few Words about us

We want to develop into your online store and help you find your unique or unusual gift item(s).  Perhaps, you are looking for a cherished item...novelties or perhaps you are a collector looking to add to your collection...then we offer you a large selection of items which includes vintage collectibles - all in excellent condition,  So, let our 20+ years of experience work for you in your search.

Our company has been selling in the retail business for over 20+ years.  Initially, our company first started by selling products for large retail companies.  In 1999, we started selling online for ourselves as...Gifts and Collectibles Galore at  Then in 2000, we expanded Gifts and Collectibles Galore by opening an eBay store which today still offers our unique and unusual gift items plus vintage collectibles, and have added sideshow collectibles, and novelties.  We added a new store Doggie Dog Coats in 2011 and then became Ev's Marketing, LLC combining all our businesses under one umbrella.

So...Why Buy from Gifts and Collectibles Galore?

  • We offer unique online gifts for all ages
  • We offer new and vintage collectibles in good to excellent condition
  • We strive to provide quality products
  • We take pride in packaging our products to prevent breakage
  • We believe in making YOU the CUSTOMER NUMBER ONE!


To find unique gift items for that someone special.  Some of our items are vintage to give the collector an addition to their collection or maybe a replacement for an item(s) that might have gotten broken.

We strive to provide the best quality items with little to no defects.  If there is a defect, we will describe the defect in the description the best we can.  Though the vintage items are not new and were pre-owned, we like to think they have already been broken in with tender loving care!