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History of the Duck House Dolls

The Duck House Corporation

The Duck House Corporation has been around for over 30 years. They were established in 1981 at Montclair, CA. The company specialized in licensed sports memorabilia that introduced NFL (National Football League), MLB (Major League Baseball), CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company) and LRG (Licensing Resource Group) products. These licenses allowed Duck House to carry every professional team logo on many of Duck House products for the sports fans.

Beginning of the Duck House Dolls 

Around 1989, the Duck House Corporation with Walter Chen, (General Manager) started producing the Duck House Dolls. Their objective was to provide a high quality doll with the finest craftsmanship, and finest quality at a reasonable price. Their dolls were handcrafted from the finest porcelain... then lovingly detailed by professional artists. The dolls’ life-like eyes, with eye lashes make the eyes appear life-like. The attention and detail used in creating their hands made the Duck House dolls one of the finest addition to any collection. They then started producing vinyl dolls  giving them the realistic look of a baby.

What Makes Collectible Duck House Dolls Special?

The dolls’ life-like eyes, with eye lashes make the eyes appear life-like. The attention and detail used in creating their hands made the Duck House dolls one of the finest addition to any collection.  Due to the popularity of the porcelain dolls, they soon started producing vinyl dolls and giving them the realistic look of a baby.

Duck House Certificate of Authenticity

A Duck House Doll always came with a certificate of authenticity. Each certificate certified the doll as an authentic Heirloom Edition of the Duck House.  The certificate had the doll’s name, and sequence number in which it was made.  Majority of the dolls were from a limited edition, with only 5,000 dolls being made  and then retired.  Each certificate was then signed by Mei Lien Chang Vice President.

Markings on the Duck House Dolls

If you look on the back of your doll’s neck you will find two things:

1). Logo - There will be a picture of a feather with Duck House written across the bottom 1/3 of the feather. See above picture. Underneath the logo is Heirloom Dolls. Underneath the logo you will find a set of two numbers separated by a slash mark “/”.

2). Set of two numbers xxx/5,000. Many times the doll collectors have incorrectly thought these numbers identified who the doll was! In actuality, these numbers are used to describe in what number sequence a certain design of doll was made. For instance 001/5,000 would mean the doll was the first produced in a line of 5,000 dolls of the same design. 002/5000 would be the second doll produced out of the same design of 5,000 dolls and so on. Of course, the lower the number, the more valuable the doll may be depending on collectability.

Duck House Packaging


Each Duck House Collectible Heirloom doll comes in a Duck House Box. The Duck House box is white with “Duck House logo” and “Heirloom Dolls” written over it. At one end of the Duck House box is a code to identify the doll. For example: DV22-9962. The first letter(s) will tell you if the doll is porcelain or vinyl. D- Porcelain or DV- Vinyl.

The next two numbers will tell you the size of the doll i.e. 12 (12 inches),  18 (198 inches), 22 (22 inches) and so on. 

After the dash – is the coding number for the company to identify the name of the doll. So DV22-9962 is a 22” Vinyl doll and the 9962 tell the company the doll name. The doll’s name also is printed below the code.   As in our example below, the code DV22-9962 tell us in the box is a 22" vinyl doll named Andie.

Say Good Bye to the 'Duck House Doll' Name 

In the summer of 2008, after 20 years of making dolls, the Duck House Corporation decided to close their Doll division and focus on the sports licensed products. Walter Chen joined Goldenvale, Inc. and started a new division called “Golden Keepsake” stating Golden Keepsake will continue with the Duck House Doll traditions…”to offer good quality of limited edition dolls with competitive price, same packaging, and same variety of selection.”

In 2009, Golden Keepsake started their new line of quality dolls. True, the old Duck House dolls will be missed! However, the new Golden Keepsake dolls will replace the Duck House name, continuing with the quality of the limited edition dolls and a promise to keep competitive with their prices. When you look at Golden Keepsake’s dolls and see their new packaging, you will notice the same quality look as the old Duck House had…just a name change to Golden Keepsake.