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  • A DANNY WILSON LAZY SUSAN - Original Metal Turntable Base 8 pc. Set Beautiful

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    Danny Wilson Original Lazy Susan

    • Brand:  A Danny Wilson Original

    •  Description:  Lazy Susan has five outer divided sections plus a bowl and lid in the center for dips. A silver tone base holds the Lazy Susan and allows the sectional pieces to be rotated. Not sure the material for the silver base... maybe Silver Chrome. Center bowl has a web-like pattern with small circles going around the outer edges of the web-like design. Each glass sectional has an irregular scallop edging around the outer edge. Outer side of each sectional dish has an alternating pattern of two small panels followed by a large panel and then repeats again. 

    •  Size:  16 3/4" diameter

    •  Material: Pressed Glass sectional and center bowls.  Base is made of a Silver color material...either silver plated or Chrome??

    •  Condition: Good to Excellent. No chips, nicks, or cracks on the glass section. Has two small dents on underneath base that are not seen and do not interfere with the dish settings or the turning of the base.  

     This awesome lazy Susan is perfect for parties to dress up your table decor.