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  • BEANIE BABIES: Ty Attic Treasures Babies Collectible Bean Plush Dogs; Babette, Carey, Scruffy

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    Ty Attic Treasure Beanie Dogs: Babette, Carey, Scruffy

    • Brand: Ty Beanie

    • Series: Attic Treasure

    • Description: Set  of (3) Attic Treasure Beanie Dogs: Babette  4/6/2001; Carey 1/1/2001; Scruffy 1/1/1998

    • Condition: Pre-owned. Good except all three tags have two small pin holes from where price tag had been stapled onto the tags. Tag: Scratch mark on Babette's tag

     These cute dog Beanie Babies would be perfect to give as gifts to dog lovers, or for children to hug and play with them.  Don't forget the sick in the hospital, these cute dogs would cheer up someone who cannot be with their pet.  Don't forget these make cute Christmas Stockings stuffers.