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  • Boyds Bear "The Shoe Box Bears" Maisey.. "The Goil" Grizberg Moveable Arms/ Legs

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    BOYDS BEAR: Maisey.. "The Goil" Grizberg True-Blue Shoe Box Collectible Bear by Boyds

    Description: Cute Genuine True-Blue Shoe Box 4.5" Bear with movable arms and legs. Has large pink bow in hair.  Comes with her Shoe Box and COA. This bear is (Second edition) 2E/5396; Style 3203

    "This series G.M.Lowenthat, proprietor, CEO & Head Bean" has brought the Bearstone Bears to life by ingeniously jointing their arms & legs thus allowing them to stand, dance, do hand stands, sit, play and otherwise have a hearty good time."

    Condition: Pre-owned; Good