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  • CHRISTMAS FIGURINE: Mrs. Santa Claus Figurine with Cup of Sugar Handcrafted Hand-painted 9" Tall

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    Handcrafted Mrs. Claus Christmas Figurine

    • Description: Here is a handcrafted, hand-painted Mrs. Claus Christmas Figurine from 1998 by "lg", a lady in central Illinois. The figurine is painted with a white puffy leave blouse, red dress & Green apron.  She is holding a cup full of sugar or Santa's magic Christmas dust. She is also holding a basket of what appears to be plums.....thus...Sugar Plums!!!  Over her left arm she has what appears to be some reins with bells for the reindeer.
    • Size: Approximately - 4" diameter x 9" tall.

    • Condition:  Good - no chips

    • Markings: Has "lg" and "98" on bottom of figurine.

    This Mrs. Claus Christmas figurine would look awesome with your Christmas decor.  For parties,  she would make a cute decoration on your table.