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  • CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT - 1997 BARBIE Christmas ORNAMENT Series #5 Mattel

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    1997 Barbie Christmas Ornament

    • Name: Holiday BARBIE Series #5
    • Year: Handcrafted Year 1997
    •  Brand: Hallmark;  Barbie is a trademark owned by and used under license from Mattel, Inc.
    •  Description: The beautiful Barbie is wearing a Red and white gown trimmed with flowing red ribbon decorated with white open lace. She is ready for any special formal event.
    •  Description on Box: "Wearing an ensemble adorned with cascading ribbons and lace, BARBIE makes a dramatic entrance. Intricate detailing on her festive fashion is reminiscent of an elaborately styled holiday gift package. This ornament is the fifth in the series of designs inspired by the very special Happy Holidays dolls offered each year." 
    • Sculpted by: Patricia Andrews
    • Size: 3 1/2” tall
    • Condition: Pre-owned; Excellent

    For the Barbie Collector, here is a cute Holiday Barbie Christmas ornament for your Christmas tree.