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  • CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT - 1998 HALLMARK Scarlett O'Hara Christmas Tree ORNAMENT

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    1998 Scarlett O'Hara Hallmark Christmas Tree Ornament

    • Name: Scarlett O'Hara

    • Brand: Hallmark

    • Description on Box:  Handcrafted 1998 Scarlett O'Hara Collectible.  Scarlett O'Hara is in another beautiful gown ...Sculpted by Patricia Andrews. 

    • On back of box: "Demanding that her waist be cinched to be 'the smallest in the county' and insisting on wearing her dress in a daring off-the-shoulder style, Scarlett is sure to be the belle of the barbecue at Ashley Wilkes Twelve Oaks plantation. Confident that Ashley is in love with her, Scarlett will declare her love for  him- unaware that Rhett Butler is in the Room. This series portrays Scarlett in famous costumes from the lavish 1939 film Gone With the Wind."

    • Year: 1998

    • Condition: Pre-owned; Excellent

    For the Collector of Gone with the Wind, this cute Scarlett O'Hara Christmas ornament will add a touch of nostalgia.