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  • CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT - 2004 Hallmark NEW HOME Ornament with Special Lighting effects

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    Hallmark Keepsake Handcrafted Ornament 2004

    •  Brand: Hallmark Keepsake
    •  Name: New Home 2004
    •  Description:  Here is an unique Christmas ornament with special lighting effect.  There are instructions and pictures on each lid as to how to clip-on attachment.  Comes in original box with a Holiday Memory 2004 card.  
    •  Description on Box: "New Home - The tree has been trimmed and the halls decked with holly.  All of the things that make Christmas jolly are glowing with happy new memories to treasure and filling this new home with joy beyond measure."
    •  Year: 2007
    •  Condition: New Old Stock

    This 2004 Hallmark Keepsake Handcrafted Christmas Ornament comes with special lighting effect.