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    2007 Hallmark Keepsake Handcrafted Christmas Ornament

    • Name: Germany- Doorways Around the World

    • Brand:  Hallmark
    • Description:  Collectible Christmas Ornament. This cute doorway from Germany shows the spirit of friends and family.  Enter the doorway...leave your shoe outside and come into the warmth of the home.  This doorway has both sides...front with the shoes outside, turn the door ornament around and you have the cozy warmth of the table to met with friends or family.  The door represents Germany's traditions and an invitation to share in Germany's rick traditions of the season.
    • Description on Box: "Step into the warm welcome of a traditional German Christmas. Here, where the tree decorating custom began, you'll find an evergreen illuminated by real wax candles and sparkling with hand blown glass ornaments. At its top, a smiling Angel of Nuremberg invites all who pass to share in the country's rich traditions of the season. Enjoy a slice of sweet stollen bread, crack a walnut in the Nutcracker's mouth, and then light an Advent candle while listening to "Silent Night" or, as it is know in its original German. 'Stille Nacht.  Each of the ornaments in this series will feature a decorated doorway from a different country."
    • Year: 2007
    • Size: Approximately -  2 1/4" in length x 3 1/4" in depth x 4 1/4" tall.
    • Condition: Excellent

    Cute doorway from Germany Christmas ornament to hang on your Christmas tree. Represents traditions and an invitation.