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    Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament 2007

    •  Brand:  Hallmark  
    •  Name: Downhill Thrills
    •  Description:  Collectible Christmas Ornament.   Cute whimsical Big Moose  is taking Little Moose for a ride on the snowy hills.  Little Moose looks up to Big Moose as if to idolize him.  Little Moose is holding his sled and Big Moose has on his skis.  Both are ready for a joy ride.
    •   Description on Box: "Downhill Thrills - Big and Little Moose both know that skiing is the way to go-Up and down the snowy hill, they'll share a special winter thrill!."
    •   Size:  Approximately - 2 3/4 wide x 4 1/4" tall including hanger
    •   Year: 2007
    •   Condition: New Old Stock

     Here is a cute whimsical 2007 Retired Hallmark Christmas ornament to hang on your Christmas tree - Downhill Thrills.