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  • CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT 2008 Hallmark Christmas Ornament - GODCHILD

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    Hallmark Keepsake Handcrafted Christmas Tree Ornament - Godchild

    • Name: Godchild

    • Brand: Hallmark

    • Description:  Collectible Christmas Ornament; Here is a beautiful Christmas ornament for a Godchild. A bright gold color sun in sitting on top of a white cloud.  Written on the cloud is "Led by His Light"  Hanging from gold color chains are three stars and a gold color heart with "Godchild" written in the middle of the heart.  One side of the heart has no jewel... the other side a white clear stone on the heart.

    • Description on Box: "Godchild, may the light of faith guide you as you grow, and may the ones who love you best make sure you always know what a miracle you are and what a blessing, too, to everyone whose life is brightened just by knowing you."

    • Year: 2008

    • Size:  Approximately - 2" wide x 4" tall including the hanging heart

    • Condition: New Old Stock

    Even the Godchild can have their very own Christmas tree ornament to hang on their Christmas tree.