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  • COLLECTIBLE BARBIE DOLLS: Army Barbie Doll Mattel Special Edition Stars 'n Stripes Rendezvous w/Destiny

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    Army Barbie Doll Special Edition Stars 'n Stripes Rendezvous w/Destiny

    • Brand: Mattel

    • Description: This Barbie - is the Army Barbie doll; Special Edition; Stars 'n Stripes Series.  Listing on box for contents: Doll, shirt, pants, vest, undershirt, boots, 101st Airborne beret, two medical cases, brush, and chipboard "dog tags" for doll and child.

    • On back of box: Describes Barbie as an enlisted personnel in the 101st Airborne division.  She is wearing an authentic desert battle dress uniform of camouflage material (just like the ones worn in Desert Storm).  She is a part of the medical unit and is wearing her two field medical cases.   Her 101st Airborne's motto is Rendezvous with Destiny.  She is a proud patriotic American serving her county.

    • Size: Doll appears to be about 11" tall.

    • Condition: Doll & box in excellent condition.

    Doll was purchased for our daughter back in the 90's and has not been taken out of the box.