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  • COLLECTIBLE DOLL: Cabbage Patch Play Along Doll 2004 Blonde Hair Brown Eyes Xavier Roberts 14" H

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    Cabbage Patch Play Along Doll in Beautiful Blue Dress

    •   Brand: Toys "R" Us 

    •   Age: 2004 

    •   Description: Cute 14" Cabbage Patch Play Along Doll by Toys "R" Us. Doll's body is cloth. She is dress in a beautiful velvet-like dress with silver trim. The silver trim collar is removable. Not sure if the clothing is original  but is beautiful. Doll had blonde hair with two pig tails and silver bow. Has brown eyes and a dimple.  Her neat little diaper is covering Xavier Robert's green signature.

    •  Markings: Back of head - 2004... O.A.A Inc,...Play Along...PA 19

    •   Condition: Pre-owned; Good. Does not have the original box or COA.