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  • COLLECTIBLE DOLLS: 16" Porcelain Irish Doll by Geppeddo from the Series - "Dolls of the world" Name KELLY


    Collectible 16" Porcelain Irish Doll - Dolls of the World by Geppeddo - KELLY

    •   Brand: Geppeddo

    •   Series: Dolls of the World

    •   Ethnicity: Irish

    •   Name: Kelly 

    •   Size: Approximately 16" Tall 

    •   Material: Porcelain

    •   Description: Great detail; Beautiful Curly Auburn Hair with gorgeous green eyes and long eye lashes.  Authentically detailed Attire: Emerald green dress with tan lace and matching purse.   Features a sparkly green purse decorated with 3 pearls

    Note:  Not Recommended for Children under 6 year of Age.  This is a collectible doll and is breakable.