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  • DECORATIVE CANDLE HOLDERS: Pair 10" Snowmen Candle Holder with Removable Heads

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    Pair 10" Snowmen Candle Holders with Removable Heads

    • Description: by Creator Lori Greimer  are these two cute snowmen candle holders.  There heads come off to reveal two scented candles. (Apple Spice & Vanilla Cream).  Each are dressed with a knitted stocking cap and scarf.  Canisters are decorated for the Holidays with snowmen and evergreen trees. These are for Decoration Only.  Container  Not safe for Food or Drink 

    •  Size: 3 3/4" Diameter x 10" tall and each weigh 2.2 lbs

    This pair of snowmen candle holders would be perfect for the winter holidays.