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  • DECORATIVE PLATE: Lacy KC 350 Keito Sensitive Art of Chokin Gold Trim Plate Fine China

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    Decorative Japan Fine China Plate/Keito Japanese Plate/Asian Decor

    Description; Add a touch of Asian beauty to your home with this Lacy/Keito Japanese Plate the Sensitive Art of Chokin. Plate has two double gold bands with a picture of a flower fully bloomed with a bud next to it ready to open. Picture is done in solid copper which has been gilded with gold and silver. There are many different plates by this artist but could not find one with the single blooming flower and bud. (Plate Holder in picture is not included...for display only)

    Markings: on back in the plate is Lacy KC350~~~Fine China by Keito Japan. There is a sticker also describing the works of Chokin...master-work..." The Sensitive Art of Chokin has been handed down from generation to generation for more than 700 years. Created by etching solid copper and gilding it with gold and silver, the stunning Chokin master-works first appeared on the armanents of the mighty Samurai warriors in the late 12th Century. The elegance & richness of each piece of art work will remain unchanged for ages to come"

    Size: 7 7/8" Diameter

    Condition: Pre-0wned; no nicks or chips