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  • DOLL STANDS: Available - 7" Metal Doll Stand; 7" Wooden Doll Stand, or 9" Wooden Doll Stand


    Doll Accessories: Available Metal Stand 7", Wooden Stand - 7" or 9" tall

    These were purchase from the Duck House Company when they were still selling under the Duck House name.  Stands are all brand new.  Metal and Wooden stands come in two pieces, the stand section and the metal holder that inserts into the stand.

    Description: The metal holder insert on the wooded stand has a white enamel like material on the section the dolls fits prevent tearing the doll's outfits. Bases on wooden stands have three felt pads to protect furniture from being scratched by stand and are nice quality.   These stands are perfect for the following:  7" doll stand for medium size doll (8" - 12" tall) and for the 9" doll stand the slightly larger doll (12" - 18" tall).

    Sizes: Metal 7"  - Base 4 1/2" in diameter

              Wooden 7"- Measures about 7 1/4"  Base 4 1/2" diameter

              Wooden  9" - Measures abut 9 3/4"  Base 5 7/8" diameter

    (Prices vary with material and sizes)

    Always be sure you have a quality doll stand to show off your doll.