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  • DOLLHOUSE Wildlife Accessories - Bird Nest, 2 Birds w/pins, Squirrel, Duck

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    Dollhouse Accessories - 5 Miniatures Accessories for the dollhouse or garden

    Now you can give your dollhouse a Nature look with these 5 wild-like miniature accessories. From the 1980s are these 5 unique miniature accessories that can be used on your dollhouse, garden surrounding your doll house, or shadow box. Included  are 2 detailed birds with pins in bottom so they can be stuck on the outside of your dollhouse roof or porch, in a garden setting, or in a shadow box.  (Pictures include the birds stuck in some wax for demonstration and also out of wax to show the pins in each.  Also included is a bird nest with two blue eggs. Nest is heavy and feels like some type of metal. Also a Squirrel & Goose that looks as if it has ran through some mud. All are in great shape and nice painted details on each.  All are 1:12 Scale for your dollhouse, garden, or shadow box. These accessories were new and taken out of their original packing due to age and unable to get clear pictures. All were purchased for a business in the 1980s.

    (Not recommended for children under 8 years of age due to sharp pins.)