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  • DUCK HOUSE COLLECTIBLE DOLLS - Limited Edition Retired 22" Vinyl Boy Doll - VINCE

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    Duck House Collectible Vinyl Boy Doll - Vince

    Vince - From the Duck House Doll Collection, 'Vince' is a 22" vinyl boy doll dressed in a checker blue and white outfit with a blue jacket, matching cap, and booties. "Vince" has cute blonde hair with blue eyes. 

    Company Information about their dolls:  These quality Duck House dolls are beautiful collectible dolls, are limited edition dolls, and are authentic Heirloom Editions from the Duck House Doll Collection. They are hand crafted from the finest porcelain and vinyl. Professional artists lovingly detail each doll. The life-like eyes and attention paid to details, in costume, skin tone and detailed hands makes these doll sets one of the finest additions to any collection.  Most of the dolls come from a limited addition of 5,000.

    Each Duck House doll comes with a certificate of Authenticity, and an ID number located on back of the doll's neck indicating the number in a sequence of 5,000 the doll was made.