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  • FIGURINE: FannyKins Chalkware Statuary/Figurine Fanny Kins by Bill Mack - Nurse Giving Shot- "Bottoms Up"

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    FannyKins, Fanny Kins Chalkware figurine by Bill Mack - 'Bottoms Up'

    •   Brand: Solar Statuary - FannyKins, Fanny Kins  

    •   Creator: Bill Mack

    •   Description: Cute Chalkware statuary/figurine of a nurse giving a shot to a child in bed with just a small area or his 'fanny'   exposed for the nurse. This is a limited productions from 1981.  After a certain number of this figurine was made, the mold was destroyed to prevent re-issue of this figurine.  Of all his figurines, this one was the most sought out piece.  Bill Mack figurines are know for their oversized parts with modestly exposing only a portion of the this figurine the back side.  

    •   Logo on bottom:  "Fannykins creator Bill Mack  Copyright Solar Statuary St. Paul Minn.   In the event of minor chipping rub moistened finger or cloth over damage area and material will blend with surface coating"       

    •    Size: 8 1/2" Long x 6" Wide x 8 1/2" Tall;  Weight - 8 lbs.   

    •    Age: 1981   

    •    Condition: There is a small chip from the nurses cap that has been partially repaired.