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  • LAMP: Vintage Aladdin Portable Lamp by Underwriters Laboratores Inc. Giftware

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    Vintage Aladdin Portable Lamp by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Giftware

    •  Description: Vintage Porcelain Lamp with Brass Bass. Top section of the lamp is a porcelain vase with pink and yellow flowers with green leaves. Base of lamp is brass. Portable lamp has a long cord (approximately 66" in length not including the plug) with a toggle switch. .

    •   Markings on Bottom: Sticker - Underwriters Laboratories Inc. ~ Listed ~ PORTABLE LAMP ~ Issue No. 8-4172 ! Aladdin Giftware ~ L.A. Calif. 

    •   Size: Base 4" Diameter; Lamp section approximately 3" tall; Overall 4 1/2" in height

    •   Condition: Pre-owned; One leaf appears to be broken off otherwise appears in good condition.