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  • MARTINGALE DOG COLLARS: Nylon Ribbon LOLLIPOPS Dog Collar - Matching Leash Sold Separately


    Martingale Dog Collar - LOLLIPOPS Nylon Ribbon Collar

    • Brand: Mirage Pet Products

    • Style: LOLLIPOPS Nylon Ribbon Martingale Collar   (ID 125-018)

    • Sizes: Medium, Large

    • Collar Widths – 1” Wide

    • Colors: Black, Bright Pink, White

    • Matching 1" Wide Leash (Sold Separately in 4 ft, & 6 ft. lengths)

    • Made in the USA

    This cute dog collar can be worn for almost any occasion.  Martingale LOLLIPOPS nylon ribbon dog collar is decorated with several lollipops. Collar is 1” wide and comes in two sizes: Medium and Large. Colors available: Black, Bright Pink, and White. Mirage Pet Products and made in the USA.
    We also have a matching LOLLIPOPS Nylon 1" wide leash to match which is sold separately. Leash comes in lengths: 4 ft and 6 ft long.  When ordering leash, be sure to indicate your choice of color.