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  • MELTING POT: 2 Piece Cast Iron Melting Pot Glue Pots by Marietta '00' PA

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    Marietta 2 piece cast iron melting pot, glue pot, cauldron

    Description: 2 piece cast iron pots that fit one into the other perfectly.  Pots can be position so that handles are criss cross to make carrying easy.

    Outer pot has MARIETTA written on one side of rim and '00' on the other side. Inside of pot needs to be brushed out otherwise in good condition.  Size: 5" diameter at base of pot x 4" opening at top of pot x 3 1/4" tall not including the handle. Including the handle, the height is 6 1/2" tall. Weight 2.62 lbs.

    Inner pot also needs to be brushed out but in good condition. Size: 3 1/4" diameter at base of pot x approximate 3 1/2" opening x 3" in height not including the handle. Weight 1.6 lb