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  • MUSIC BOXES: 8 1/2" Wedding Bride Musical Bear by Russ - Plays The Wedding March

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    Musical Wedding Bride bear by Russ

    If looking for a cute table top decoration for a bridal shower or wedding here is a cute musical bride bear with the following features:
    • Type: Musical Wedding Bride stuffed bear. When the crank is wound up, she plays "The Wedding March"
    •  Brand: Russ
    • Year: Not sure her exact age but is over 10 years.
    •  Measurements: Stands 8 1/2" tall
    •  Condition: Pre-owned; Good
    •  Description: This is a cute bride stuffed bear from Russ.  She is wearing a satin-like wedding gown with a veil that can be position over her face or back.
    •  Condition: In good condition. She may have held some flowers but only has pink ribbons hanging down from her paws.