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  • MUSIC BOXES: Cute Christmas Tree Toy Store Music Box - Have yourself a very Merry Christmas

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    MUSIC BOX: Musical Tree Toy Shop - "Have yourself a Very Merry Christmas"

    • Brand: Unknown
    • Type: Musical Tree Toy Shop 
    • Description: Cute vintage playful toy shop in the middle of a Christmas Tree. The tree has been cut in half to see the toys.  A bear rotates when the music is played. There is a window near the top of the tree for the toys to look out. Around the bottom of the tree trunk is decorated with candy canes, ball, presents, doll, and teddy bear.  So the bears can get to the toy shop, there is a ladder for them to climb up on.  Tree is decorated with gold bulbs and red berries, and small patches of snow.  Top of tree is decorated with a wreath with red box. Music box has a wind up to play the music - Have yourself a very Merry Christmas
    • Condition: Pre-owned, no chips, or nicks on the music box. Good condition.  Music plays great. Does not have its original box.
    • Song: Have yourself a very Merry Christmas
    • Sizes:  7 1/2" in height; Base 5 1/2" diameter
    • Markings: Has sticker - Made in China

    This is a cute music box for a Collector or to add to your Christmas decor.