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  • NOVELTIES: Set of (3) Bobbing Head Horses in Dfferent Colors for Gifts or Party Favors

    $9.95 $7.95

    NOVELTIES: Set of (3) Bobbing Head Horses

    • Description:  (3) Novelty Bobbing head horses; Nodding Head Horses still in packages. Comes with mounting stickers to stick them in place;
    • Size: Approximately - 7" in length x 5 1/2" tall.
    • Colors: Set of 3; 1 Black, 1 Brown, 1 White.
    • Condition: New in packages

    Do you remember these bobbing heads on your car's dash or in your back window?  Bobbing heads, sometimes called swing animals as they bob up and down plus swing side to side. These bobbing heads are still around and a novelty.  Now have fun with these bobbing heads.  Kids love to watch them bob up and down. They love to touch them and watch them bob.  

    These horses would be great as party favors or to sell at flea markets, etc.  These bobbing heads have sold as high as $12.95 each depending on the market.  Adults loved them for the memories, and kids loved to play with them.