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  • NOVELTY COLLECTIBLE: Vintage Telephone/Hourglass Timer in Black Lucite Box

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    NOVELTY COLLECTIBLE: Vintage Telephone/Hourglass Timer encased in Black Lucite Box

    •  Description: Vintage 50s/60s Gold Color Rotary type Telephone & Hourglass Timer in a black Lucite box.  Three minute Timer comes with white sand.  Just turn the box over and the sand starts falling again for 3 minutes.  Use it for timing your eggs, or can be used to time plays during games. The black background, helps to make the rotary phone and timer stand out. No worry about the timer getting broke as it is encased in the black Lucite box.

    •  Size: 1 3/8" Wide x 3 1/4" tall 

    •  Condition: Pre-owned; Good

    Great little novelty gift that can be used!