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  • Old 13 piece Christmas Nativity Set - 1999 Home for the Holidays Porcelain with Gold Trim

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    Old 13 piece Christmas Nativity Set - Home for the Holidays

    • Description: Here is a beautifully glazed porcelain Nativity Set.  There is gold trim on each of the figurines.  Original set was for 12 pieces; however, there is an additional piece. Added is a cradle for baby Jesus which appears to have a hay-like design. Baby can be placed in Mary's arms or in the cradle.  There are 12 original figurines: Angel, Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, 4 men with gifts, Sheep, 2 Cows, and Camel.  Plus the hay-like cradle for baby Jesus.

    • Age:  1999; Set was made for the May's Department Store in 1999.

    • Size: Figurines range from 6 3/4" tall to 2 1/2" Tall (baby Jesus)

    • Markings:  Some of the Figurines have a sticker with China on them.

    • Condition: Pre-owned; All seem to be in good condition except one dark man kneeling down.  He has a hair-line crack in the crease of his leg. (See picture). The other figures have no crack, chips, or nicks.  Box is in fair condition and has been taped.  The original 12 pieces come in Styrofoam packaging. The cradle will be wrapped separately. The set originally had a mirror for all the figurines to set on which is no longer available.  This is not a toy for decorative purpose only.

    This set would look great where ever you display it....under the tree, on your favorite shelf, or your table for everyone to see.