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  • PITCHER: Longchamp D'Arques-Gurand Gorgeous Cut Glass Pitcher with (4) Brandy Glasses

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    Longchamp (Clear) D'Arques-Durand Pitcher & 4 Brandy Glasses

    Brand: Longchamp (Clear) by D'Arques-Durand

    Description: This is an AWESOME Set!  Beautiful pitcher with 4 Brandy Glasses.  Each are clear with a diamond pattern around the base. 

    Pitcher:  Has curved handle; 48 oz; and 8 1/2" tall; Weight - 2.2 lbs.

    Goblets:  Crystal Brandy Glasses; 5 1/4" tall; Weight 8.9 oz. each

    Set is gorgeous to just display in your home decor, or save and use for special occasions.