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  • SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS: Creative Platinum Star Burst Salt & Pepper Shakers #1014

    $15.95 $12.95

    Creative Platinum Star Burst Salt & Pepper Shakers

    • Brand: Creative

    • Pattern: Platinum Star Burst #1014; Gray spiked blossoms, & stems.

    • Description: From Creative Platinum Star Burst #1014 is this nice pair of Salt & Pepper Shakers. Now you do not have to count the holes on the top of your shaker to know if it is salt or pepper. Creative has designed the holes in the shape of a "S for salt and a "P" for pepper.  Pepper has 10 holes, Salt Shaker has 12 holes. Made in Japan.

    • Size: 2 1/2" tall 

    • Age: Over 40+ years.  Pattern from the 60's.