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  • TABLEWARE: Vintage 4 Teaspoons/ 4 Grapefruit Spoons SPRING WHEAT Rogers Cutlery USA Stainless ISC

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    TABLEWARE - Vintage 4-Teaspoons plus 4 Grapefruit Spoons Stainless Tableware by Rogers Cutlery

    Brand: International Silver Company from Meriden, Connecticut

    Pattern: Spring Wheat

    Description: Vintage 4 Stainless Teaspoons plus 4 Unique Stainless Grapefruit Spoons.  These were purchased in the early 1960s and stored away. Will come in original box and wrapper.  Front has a flair pattern with small wheat pattern.  On back of utensils is: Rogers Cutlery Stainless USA ISC.  From the 1960s period.

    Condition: Excellent; Still has the original boxes