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  • TEAPOT - Speckle, Tea Pot & Lid Japan Floral Brown Trim

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    Speckled Teapot, Tea Pot with Lid

    Pattern: speckled with Yellow flowers, Brown Trim

    Description: White speckled teapot, tea pot with yellow flowers on front of teapot and brown trim round rim, handle and knob on lid.  Some one has printed the base of the teapot and lid with appears to be the letters 'VC'

     Marking on bottom:  Japan in red ink plus Sticker with a large "H" with an "I" in middle section of the "H" and a letter "C" under the middle section of the "H". Under the letter is: Made in Japan

    Size: Approximately 4 1/2" tall. 4" diameter base.

    Material:  Appears to be ceramic

    Condition:  Pre-owned; Very Good

     This a nice teapot, tea pot would look nice in a kitchen or when serving tea in your  home.