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  • VANITY SET: Vintage 1950's Perfume Bottle & Stopper with Powder Box/Dish & Lid PInk with Clear Jewels

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    Vintage 1950's Vanity Set - Perfume Bottle & Stopper plus Powder Box/Dish with Lid

    • Brand: Unknown, but appears to be similar to other Napco items 

    •  Description: This is a Gorgeous Perfume bottle with Stopper and Powder Box/Dish (Trinket Dish) with Lid set and will try to describe it the best I can. (also see the pictures). Appears to be from the 1950's.  Both perfume bottle and powder box/Trinket Dish are pink in color and have a column design going around both with slight touches of gold around mouth and base of dish, lid, & bottle.

    • Perfume Stopper has four gold horizontal lines starting at the top of the stopper and running down the stopper with a clear jewel at bottom of each gold line. On front of perfume bottle are two gold color leaves with four clear jewels on each.  Cascading down from the leaves are several pink embossed flowers ( could be poppies).

    •  Powder box dish (Trinket dish) & lid has seven clear jewels going around the edge of the lid. On the lid is a gold color leaf with four clear jewels and several cascading pink flowers. Powder box/Trinket Dish is decorated in the pink columns with gold touches around the mouth.

    •  Marking: Both have the J-348 on the bottoms of dish and perfume bottle

    •  Size: Perfume bottle is 7 3/4" with stopper; Dish is 3 1/4" Diameter x 2 1/5" Tall

    •  Material: Appears to be ceramic

    •  Condition:  Have had this set for >40 years. Does not have the original box and will package the set in a second box to prevent breakage. No nicks, cracks; Flowers have no pedals missing and do not have any nick or chips on the flowers.

      This is a beautiful vintage set and would make a nice gift to a collector.