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  • VASE Unique Vintage Goofus Clear Glass Pickle Jar Vase with Rose Pattern Early 1900's

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    Vintage Goofus Clear Glass Pickle Jar Vase

    • Brand: Unknown maker; Goofus was made in early 1900's by Indiana Glass and also by Dugan Diamond Company and H. Northwood

    • Pattern:  Roses

    • Type: Goofus Pickle Jar Vase

    • Condition:  Pre-owned: Inside rim has two small nicks; Outer jar in good condition except paint has totally came off. 

    • Size: Approximately 7" tall; 2 1/2" diameter base; 4 1/2" wide at widest part of jar; Weight 1.65 pounds

    • Description: Clear, embossed roses on jar/vase. Looks just like a vase but when looking inside you can see it is more of a jar shape, and turned out to be a pickle jar that was shaped like a vase.

        I had never heard of a Goofus Pickle Jar until researching this jar. First thought it was a vase but looked more like a decorated jar. Learned Goofus was first made in the early 1900's and was the first original carnival glass.  Due to being cheap to make, was given away as prizes at carnivals, or when buying products from merchants...Goofus glass was given as premiums.  Early Goofus was pressed glass and painted with unfired enamel paint so the paints came off easily and people thought they had been "goofed".  Due to the depression, Goofus glass was no longer made after 1930.