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  • Vintage 1969 Collectible Ezra Brooks Whiskey Decanter - Delta Belle

    $39.95 $34.95

     Vintage 1969 Collectible Ezra Brooks Whiskey Decanter - Delta Belle (Empty) 


    Here is a beautiful unique decorative whiskey decanter for the collector.


    • Brand: Ezra Brooks 12

    • Description: Paddle Wheel Steamboat - Delta Belle Whiskey collectible decanter.  On Box read:  Paddle Wheel  New Orleans to Louisville - and beyond! The proud paddlewheeler clipped the Mississippi passage from 4 months to 6 days.  Pioneers, traders, settlers, gamblers rode the river.  Showboats lit the ports.......See more on box.

    • Year: 1969

    • Features: Real Sippin' Whiskey Collectors Series

    • Condition: No cracks, chips, or nicks..Box is in fairly good shape...does have a torn area on the back of the box...see pictures.  Front of box is in good shape.

    • Markings on Boat:  On Paddle wheel - 90 proof EZRA BROOKS  12  Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, bottled by Brooks Distilling Co, Frankfort, KY;  On bottom back of boat near bottom is EZRA BROOKS; Sticker on top which has been broken when whiskey was removed; Sticker on front of boat Genuine Heritage China;  across front of boat upper deck - DELTA BELLE;  No marking on the bottom of the decanter.

    • Decanter: is EMPTY 

    • Size:  11" long X 6 1/2" tall.

    If looking for a collectible for Whiskey Decanters, here is a nice one to give as a gift.